A state-of-the-art online platform

that supports emergency management professionals
in developing, delivering and evaluating highly realistic emergency exercises
A product

ResponseReady™ makes the process of developing, delivering, and evaluating highly realistic emergency exercises quick, efficient, and cost-effective.


Exercise scenarios can be easily loaded from an existing library, or developed based on your organization’s specific goals and objectives. You can create a variety of injects for your scenario, from phone calls, emails, and articles, to social media content and videos that provide exercise participants information about the unfolding situation at hand.


Exercise injects can be delivered automatically by ResponseReady™. Each inject is tracked individually, allowing the exercise control team to monitor the scenario delivery and to address any issue that may arise during exercise conduct. To increase the realism of the scenario, participants get access to a simulated news website and clones of popular social media platforms.


Following the delivery of the exercise, the ResponseReady™ evaluation tool is used to determine the effectiveness of the response to the emergency. The tool is used to ensure the findings are fair, accurate, and supported by the observations of the evaluators. This helps identify best practices, gaps, and areas for improvements.

Social Media Simulation

ResponseReady™ uses social media simulation tools, Chatter, Chatbook, and Chatdeck, to reproduce a social media environment that would exist during a real emergency.

These tools allow response agencies to monitor public opinion on response efforts, provide valuable information to the public, and to monitor for, and correct, any misinformation that may be circulating on social media sites. The realism of the social media interface and the ability of ResponseReady™ to automatically introduce a large volume of pre-scripted content into the scenario increases the realism of any exercise for participants and communications personnel.